HORSEBACK RIDING or TREKKING 5 DAYS (Crossing the Andes) 


DAY 0: You must arrive the day before the departure date, to check the equipment and ensure the departure time of day 1. (Consult for accommodation). DAY 1: In the morning we leave from the city of Tunuyan along routes 92 and 94 where we can observe fruit plantations, farms, poplar forests, vineyards and wineries in the area. After 42 km. We arrive at the «Manzano Histórico Natural and Cultural Reserve» located at the junction of the streams of the Pircas and Grande streams.

Brief visit:

– Sapling of the historic apple tree where San Martín will rest on his return from the liberation campaign. – The small botanical garden.- Avenida de las Américas.
– Sanmartiniano monument «Return to the Homeland» created by Luis Perloti.-Archaeological and historical museum and the «Christ of the Brotherhood» created by Luis Sissara. 

Then we continue along dirt road (on the way to Portillo Argentino) through the Grande Creek ravine, passing through the Pampa de la Piedra Grande, the Puntanos Pass, the Pómez Pass, the Potreritos stream ravine, the Capitán Lemos refuge, the Guindo, Arroyo de los Oscuros y de la Guardia Vieja where there is a 70 meter waterfall called «El Chorro de la Vieja», after a short walk we arrive at the Gendarmerie and Customs Refuge «Alferez Portinaris» where we will do the corresponding procedures. At that point you must present ID or PASSPORT in good condition. 

Around noon, we meet our baquianos and tame horses.
We get ready to carry out the activity ( TREKKING OR HORSE-RIDING ACCORDING TO WHAT IS CHOSEN ). We start at the big stream ravine, passing through the confluence of Arenales (a world-renowned climbing center) and cost of the afflicted ». 

We return to the street passing by the Puente del Salto, we continue along the path through the valley formed by the Punta Negra and Punta Blanca hills. We arrive at the Dr. Antonio Scaravelli Refuge where we will eat a delicious barbecue and begin the acclimatization to the altitude and the coexistence of the group. In the afternoon we will be able to make a few short exits (walking) around the “Valley of the waterfalls” to observe the Manantiales gorge, the Guanaquitas gorge and the Keops hill. Dinner. 

 DAY 2
Breakfast, preparation of equipment and horses. THE CABALGATA starts from El Refugio Scaravelli passing through the Valley of the Cascades, Confluence of the Yaretas and Manantiales streams, we continue, towards the Yaretas Valley, from here we can see the Argentine Portillo 4340 meters above sea level. 

THE TREKKING begins at the base of Cerro Portillo at about 4000 meters above sea level. (We make the approach in our vehicle) We start a slow ascent along a narrow path. 

We  open «the window» (door, hole, gash, crack, natural door) of Portillo Argentino 4,340 meters above sea level to an excellent view of Cerro Mesón de San Juan 6010 meters above sea level that is distinguished by its enormous wave-shaped glacier. 

El Portillo Argentino or Portillo de Tunuyán, is the historic place where the meeting between San Martín and Olazabal took place on February 3, 1823 (probable date) when he returned sick from Guayaquil. After the embrace, San Martín pronounces the phrase «Perhaps it will be good that we come down from this eminence from where I once contemplated America. This phrase has been engraved on a plaque in the Monument «Return to the Fatherland» located in the Historic Manzano. 

Slowly we will go down a steep slope to 3,780 meters above sea level to the Valley of La Olla (the path was used for the transit of cattle to Chile) and we will arrive without difficulty at small penitents (curious formation of ice in the form of huge stalactites, characteristic of the central Andes) and moraines until we reach the path with less stones that will take us to the real, stream and Mansa hill. In this part of the path we will be struck by a yellow hill that is part of the Cordón del Portillo and that the baquianos call El Cajón Amarillo. 

We will follow the path until we cross the La Olla stream and enter a more fertile and greenish landscape. From here we can check the curious cone of Cerro Castillo del Marmolejo. 

We resume the march with the last slight ascent to enter the Alto Rio Tunuyán Valley, slowly we discover the Quebrada del Rio Tunuyán and the Rio Palomares. «Incredible view» – from the monument of the flag we are presented with the panoramic improvement and a view towards the south face of Cerro Tupungato 6555 meters above sea level. 

Then comes a long and endless descent until we reach the long-awaited Real de la Cruz Refuge located on the banks of the La Olla stream. Mid-afternoon and dinner. 

Breakfast. Free morning. This day is ideal to relax your muscles, take advantage of the comforts of the refuge and indulge in the beauty and enormity of the landscape. 

In the afternoon we will be able to make some short exits crossing the La Olla stream, along the banks of the Tunuyán River, towards the Lagunita de los Patos, reaching the Portillo stream, from this location we will have an impressive view of the upper Tunuyán River Valley. 

At night dinner, fire pit, look at the stars and rest. 

* This Refuge is becoming more popular every year and brings together a great human diversity (we are lucky there and we participate in singing and guitar playing). 

Breakfast. Goodbye to Real de la Cruz – Crossing the Tunuyán River, Palomares Valley until reaching Caletón or Lagunitas (day and night in the middle of the Valley). 

Breakfast. We prepare the horses and get ready to cross the Tunuyan River, we get into the heart of the Alto Valle de Tunuyán along the path of the Rio Palomares ravine. The landscape is unbeatable (green mountain ranges from where crystalline streams descend) later we will have to cross the Miranda and Cajón Chico streams. Then we will stop at the foot of Cerro Palomares to contemplate the roundness of its magnificent shape made by the constant erosion of the wind. 

We continue the walk to EL CALETÓN (a natural cave located on the side of the marmolejo stream, close to some small sulfur springs). From here the panoramic view is impressive, to the south an enormous glacier from the Marmolejo hill, to the west border of the Cordillera with the milestone of the pass and Cerro Piuquenes and to the north purple hills and the Mesón de San Juan. Or we continue to the REAL DE LAS LAGUNITAS, next to a stream of pure and crystalline water, close to the Real de las Ovejas where the landscape is shown in its maximum plenitude. 

Breakfast. Ascent to the Milestone of Paso de los Piuquenes – Limit with Chile – and descent to Termas del Plomo. 

We get up very early and slowly begin the steep ascent, we continue in search of the expected landmark of Los Piuquenes at 4043 meters above sea level, we are slowly moving away from the Palomares Valley and Alto Tunuyán, taking up on what the Mesón de San Juan and Cerro Glacier Marmolejo offer us, arguably their best side. 

The ascent is slow but it is the last of the trip and up there the landmark of the Paso de los Piuquenes and the Pacific wind awaits us. 

Arriving at this point (limit) the emotion expands in hugs, the thoughts fly and elevate us to our true being. 

The photos will be a great memory and witness of our passage through this wonderful place. 

«And is it not enough to open our eyes and look to convince ourselves that reality
is, in fact, the most authentic of miracles» (Oliverio Girondo). 

Whether on foot or on horseback, we will have to carry our luggage and go down for about 3 hours to the Valle del Yeso and Termas del Plomo – Cruce del Rio. Transfer to San Gabriel and then continue to Santiago. 

Clarification : The luggage must not weigh more than 12 kg. Per person. 



Tunuyán / Manzano Histórico / Portinari Refuge / Approach to the foot of Portillo Argentino

Termas del Plomo / Santiago de Chile (does not include return ticket). 

You will be accompanied by suitable people with great experience in the Crossing of the Andes, capable of providing security, experience and professionalism. 

For this activity it is not necessary to fill out a visa. But if you must bring your personal documentation (ID or Passport).

During our journey you will enjoy tasty meals specially prepared by our staff. 

The program includes all meals. Breakfast / Lunch on the march or in Shelter or Camp according to itinerary / Mid afternoon / Dinner. In case you are vegetarian, celiac, or need a special diet, please do not forget to let us know. 

During the entire expedition, both at lunch and dinner,  beverages (water, «tang-type» juice, wines) are included. Beer and other alcoholic beverage depending on the night and in moderation. 

Includes tables, stools, dining tent and bedroom tents for 2 or 3 people. Each passenger must set up their tent with their partner, counting on the assistance and help of the guide if necessary. 

Each animal will only carry 60 kilos so that it can move comfortably through the mountain. Each passenger has the right to carry up to 12 kilograms in their personal backpack. 

Expert muleteers familiar with working with animals will accompany us to the limit with Chile. 

First aid kit: with the necessary elements for this activity. 



Example: meals or drinks that you consume apart from those specified in the program, are not included. 


Sleeping bag and other personal equipment
You will need equipment during the trip that is not considered as services included. In case of renting the equipment, you will be responsible for it, and for returning it to the rental store in the agreed time. 


The itinerary is priced with group services. We are not responsible for the expenses in case of abandonment. 


You will have to take charge. 




  • For Argentines: DNI, or Federal ID 

For foreigners: Passport in order. 

To confirm your reservation, you must make a deposit to our account at Banco Nación Argentina of 30% of the total trip + $ extra for bank charges, 2.5% of the total). 

The balance must be paid before starting the expedition. Payment must be in cash. Travelers checks, credit cards or bank transfers will not be accepted. 


In case of canceling a reservation once the required deposit has been made, Solo Montañas will keep a credit for one year. After such period, the validity of said credit will expire. You will have the possibility of obtaining this credit only if you notify this cancellation 30 days before the start of the expedition. 


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