The Andes


Crossing through Glaciers Quebrada del Tupungato  info  

Plaza de Mulas Aconcagua. info 

Valley of Tears «plane of the Uruguayans«. info .  

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Provincial Authorization of Adventure Tourism 

Cross the Andes mountain range on 



We offer you the crossing in two modalities on  horseback or on foot , it takes 4 days to do it, the first day you have to be in Tunuyan Mendoza, where we offer you accommodation in a hotel in Tunuyan with full board, the next day we go on a journey, 4 days in the mountains, enjoying the best landscapes and incredible places 


Crossing the Andes Challenge Walking 


Cross the Andes on horseback through the Portillo de Piquenes, a step that San Martin used in his Liberation Campaign 


These are the clothes you need to make the crossing of the Andes 

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Day by day of the Crossing of the Andes 

DAY 0:  You  must arrive on day 0 for the equipment check 

DAY 1:  In the morning we leave from the city of Tunuyan towards the mountain. 

DAY 2:  Breakfast, preparation of equipment and horses. LA CABALGATA and TREKKING   start from El Refugio Scaravelli to the Real de la Cruz refuge 

DAY 3  Breakfast. Goodbye to Real de la Cruz – Crossing the Tunuyán River, Palomares Valley until reaching Caletón or Lagunitas (day and night in the middle of the Valley). 

DAY 4  Breakfast. Ascent to the Milestone of Paso de los Piuquenes – Limit with Chile – and descent to Termas del Plomo. Dinner and accommodation included in San Alfonso Chile. Or accommodation at a Hotel in Santiago Chile.  



February 2022 from the 4th to the 27th

December 27 2021 to  January the 2nd 2022. 




November 12 to the 15th 2021 


December 19 to 22 2021 


January 7 to the 10th 2022 


January 14 to 17 2022 


January 21st to 24th 2022 


February 4 to 7 2022 


February 11th to the 14th 2022


March the 4th to the 7th 2022 


March 11th to the 14th 2022





November 26-29 2021 


December 12-15 2021


January 28-31 2022 


March 28-31 2022 


Uruguayan plane + lagoon 


February the 24th-2nd of march 2022




December 2-10 2021


March 17-24 2022 

Training for crossing the Andes.

This is the training that we recommend for you to cross the Andes on foot. 


Payment Methods

We receive Mercado Pago with credit cards. 

CBU bank transfer 

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Satellite Tracking

For your safety, Solo Montañas has a Spot Gen 3 satellite tracking system that lets your family and friends know that you are well, with real-time GPS location. Also with SOS function, thus notifying the Emergency Services. 

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The Andes. 

Provincial Authorization of Adventure Tourism 

Cross the Andes mountain range on 
foot or on horseback, crossing Argentina Chile 






Crossing the Tupungato ravine 

 Entering through the Tupungato ravine until reaching Real de la Cruz, walking through glaciers and seeing the imposing Cerro Tupungato    6,570 meters above sea level, passing through the headwaters of the Tunuyán River and Tupungato River.  


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